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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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0. 0. hello there i'm the star of the a tale and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes france begins evacuating coronavirus patients on high speed trains to relieve the region struggling to cope. no member states can handle this crisis on their own the head of the european commission calls for unity with the continent's now the epicenter of the pandemic. the gunman who carried out an attack on 2 mosques in new
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zealand changes his plea and admits to murdering 51 people. and the unique plan to protect the oceans around the seychelles. i'm going to get your skill with the sport italian officials believe a champions league football match could be partly responsible for the spread of coronavirus in one of its hardest hit cities we'll hear from both of those mayors and what people there are calling games 0. now the french region west hit by coronavirus is struggling to cope and has now begun sending some of its sickest patients to other cities and even across borders the eastern region of bordering germany began and lifting patients to other countries on wednesday and now it's moving others by train to hospitals and other french cities. take
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a look this is the main station and strasburg 20 people 4 of them a seriously ill being transferred on specially equipped high speed trains the region has reported more than 500 deaths so far 99 of those just in the past 24 hours the number of confirmed cases in france has now passed 25000 more than 1300 people have now died french president emanuel knock on has called in the army to help even withdrawing troops from iraq well let's speak to our correspondent attached a butler who joins us from southwest france natasha what do we know about just where these trains are going in especially given that some of these patients are in serious conditions how will they be cared for on board. let's take you to natasha's story she's been reporting about the broad impact of
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what's been happening with coronavirus and also how the french have been trying to . taking the necessary precautions the french president arrived at a field hospital in the all solution city all lose it was built to ease pressure at least in france's health system this struggling to cope with the country's highest number of coronavirus cases a facility usually seen in conflict zones but for a man who will mark rohr of place in peacetime he says the fight against the coronavirus is a war going on. when you engage in war you engage fully you mobilize together i see divisions and fractures in our country doubts people who want to divide the country when we should have only one obsession to unite to fight the virus. it took the french army 4 days to build a network of tens that can receive dozens of patients in intensive care.
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it's a store because it's the 1st time we've built the sort of structure that's been created specifically for covert. is close to the german border its plight is motivated its neighbors to help several hospitals in germany switzerland and luxembourg have also to take in french coronavirus patients at a time when so many countries in the e.u. have shut borders it is a display of european solidarity on wednesday german emergency services collected critically ill french patients and flew them to a hospital in freiburg. we're proud to be able to help our french colleagues our neighbors our friends and irrespective of our location this is about our duty as humans and our desire to help as europeans. bells across
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france rang out to thank the nation's health workers for macro it's imperative that people unite behind him and support his actions in this moment of crisis he's convince them to stay for 2 weeks but he's now expected to ask them to stay indoors for even longer natasha al-jazeera western france. well we can now speak to her she's in isolation currently in border and france and not here thank you for joining us from your lock down can you talk us through your living situation at the moment and just how you're coping with all of this. yes of course hello. i'm the looked out in bordeaux so i try to keep cool to train myself because i'm a dancer and choreographer and used to practice a lot of dance and your girl and now i'm i can do it so i try to do it on skype with my friends and also doing training in trying to work on my company and do everything that i couldn't do before administrative work and then rethink so and
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also a i moved to paris recently but now i came back to border to take my my stuff and doing. administrative work and i now i'm here with my ex-husband so it's out of this range but it's ok where doing good we're supporting each other can you tell us a little more about the restrictions that you're living under and the logistics around that are you able to get fared and how how would you communicating with other people. so yeah i call other people for all my family and my friends and we can't go out we can go out on a one hour a day like can reduce of one kilometer from the whole we can go in the supermarkets and we have to write to permission every day every. which each time we go we now to have to write and signed our commission to going
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out and it can't do or more than one hour. no idea how do you personally think the government is coping with this crisis that people there are broadly supportive of the decisions that have been made. yes i can see the people. who respect the decision of the government. is that. the government wasn't ready for this situation if. the government did was ready for this we should hold maybe we should on the some activity is not the total knock knock down. divided to actually do p.t. and some people think it's good to have to respect that the people think that maybe the medical system was ready it could be could be better can we can know. an artillery in there they're speaking to us on skype from border france
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where she is under lockdown thank you for joining us nadia. now the president of the european commission has been speaking about the efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic we'll be speaking to lawrence lee in just a moment about what underlayer had to say but 1st let's go to francesco jumper tony who is in milan for more on what italy as prime minister has been telling lawmakers just moments ago about the virus francesco we've literally just been hearing from the prime minister i see his approval rating is at a record high theban t one percent how is he being received by politicians. well lessee he went this morning to speak in front of the senate for the 1st time in many weeks he had to do because the tippity of of the parliament had been suspended due to the emergency and all the decrees for the corona virus outbreak were never been debated so it was necessary for him to talk to the other parties today. to
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explain the reasons that brought the government to take the hardest decisions in many years that's what he said to try to fight the virus he said the situation forced the government to reduce. temporarily the personal freedoms of people for the 1st time since the 2nd world war so it was absolutely necessary. also italians for more patience he recalls the huge effort made by the state to empower very quickly the national health system with the construction of new phil hospitals the introduction of additional machines and ventilators in intensive care units where the bads have been more than doubled in a few days but they are not yet enough especially here in the north and in number d. in particular he confirmed it was too difficult for the italian states to find masks
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abroad even for health professionals that are working hard in intensive care units so according to the prime minister there was not enough help and cooperation by some other european countries and that was confirmed by. also asked for new financial rules and more interventions from european union to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on the continent said the government will allocate 25000000000 euros to sustain families companies and increase the houses. to conclude he did not announce any extension of the restrictive measures which should expire on the 3rd of april at the moment but it's very unlikely that this will happen they will probably be extended but we don't know how long francesco just taking a look at the numbers today infections and death i mean they seem to be getting
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worse again daily how are people they're coping. well it's hard to explain we are we know that the contagion is still growing but it's growing a little bit slower than last week so we are getting used to these numbers now we the death toll in italy reached 7500. in the world so far. but it's early 'd to to see a new positive trend or negative trends in day by day we have to wait for a week more at least maybe a. few days less but now it's 20 days this is the 20th of lockdown especially here in the north. of italy of course people are expecting to see the airports. are useful and somehow. it's not really working
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like this right now francesco g.m. but tony there for us in milan thank you very much francesco. the european director of the w.h.o. is speaking let's take you to what he is saying live and have a lesson. via digital platforms the issue facing each and every one of us is how we manage and yet too stressful situations unfolding thought up atlee of communities. here we can draw on the remarkable powers of stent resilience and cooperation that we as humans fortunately possess personally i am trained to stick to what has worked for me in the past when i want to be calm for example learning and practicing simple relax ation techniques like breathing exercise muscle recreation
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mindfulness meditation can all be very helpful in alleviating bodily and mental distress i myself i also try and acknowledge upsetting thoughts when they occur and discuss them with people around me they are likely to have them too and we may be better able to find solutions collectively try to stay positive i have realized that as a husband father nick and leader it is know that i most need to display empathy solidarity emotional intelligence and to walk the talk to leave no one behind ultimately there is only one solution act with kindness act with love but
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with physical distancing thank you very much. thanks very much for that opening statement i should have mentioned at the beginning that the w.h.o. materials also that you referred to in your opening statement we're going to provide some links to those on this channel shortly after we finish the briefing so you referred to homes to the consequences of the mental health outcomes and consequences of the covert 19 response and of the covert 19 pandemic i've got a couple of questions related to that straight up front one of them is the 1st is from p.n. hong from the n.p.r. network in the usa and there's also a related one from martin björk from politic and here in denmark and the 2 questions are related so read them together the 1st question is covered 19 has already already caused many people to lose their jobs and livelihoods what can be done now to help improve mental health outcomes later and the related question from
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martin bianca politicking is what are the long term consequences of chronic stress that we can expect after a pandemic ultimately ends and i'm going to ask malik at headquarters to immediately come in and answer this question and then maybe i'll turn the floor again to you hands to a supporter please you're on. yes so yes thank you for this question it is indeed a concerning issue the measures that we have to take to protect each other side see detrimental consequences. through most of life. we know that the human itself is a key social determinant for all mental health financial loss is respected for trying to stress can be restricted. so mental health whether it's
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inside an emergency or outside an emergency requires different values than hearing there from the european director of the w.h.o. and a number of other medical professionals they've been speaking about the psychological challenges of living under lockdown some of the stress people might experience and also speaking about some of their own personal experiences well earlier the president of the european commission also spoke and she has called for unity as the continent battles to contain the spread of the pandemic when europe really needed to be there for each other too many initially looked out for themselves when europe really needed all for one spirit too many initially gave only for me response and when europe really needed to prove that this is not only a few or whether union too many initially refused to share their umbrella
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but it was not long before some felt the consequences of their own uncool you need to action. let's go now to our correspondent lawrence li who is in london at the moment lawrence i do understand that the e.u. has limited powers to tackle the pandemic as the e.u. itself because member states oversee their own health responses is there a unified position now finally emerging. well it's she suggested that through the european commission's intervention then the then things were improving but the core allegation and she was very clear about this was that when it's released on to see this enormous cases other countries which had capacity had ventilators and personal protection equipment to doctors and nurses were prepared to hand them over i will just tell you really quickly i mean in terms of the figures it's early on a month ago to the day for $26.00 there were virtually no cases of coronavirus this
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early march 26 francesco so going to go 7 l. 1000 dead that's a full 10 percent of all the all the confirmed cases and found was that in the cases every day in unbundle ends point was that if countries had given over some of the emergency equipment they had much earlier than italy month not be in this position now and so in that sense she's really accusing all european countries of a sense of betrayal only through what she the what there not been described as green lanes passages at the borders of countries which are knobs and our clothes through the intervention of the european commission are now starting to move all this equipment much more freely from from country to country so it's a pretty significant intervention really an extremely critical as well funded lan lawrence also spoke about the economic ramifications of the pandemic what kind of action is the e.u. itself now trying to take to address this. well there's a meeting this afternoon of the euro zone with that with which of us is 19 countries in inside the european union and the question that's being raised by by
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by a full 98 countries is is this some sort of equivalent of the marshall plan there's a resurrection of the european economies of the 2nd world war that is now been being countenanced because over the course of this year the economic forecasts are also absolutely catastrophic what a number of countries want to happen these sort of emergency bones which is known as corona bonds. the would allow countries to access fresh debts with very very long term repayment plans attached to them so they wouldn't feel the pain that they felt having to repay the part of the sovereign debt crisis that was called when the banks went down 2008 the simple back from some of the northern european countries always this is something the poorer countries the woman is to happen but they are certainly talking about vast amounts of money being created $1.00 way or another to prop countries up which would otherwise go
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bankrupt and public services wouldn't be able to happen and people would just simply romance of money so in terms what will what politicians always try to do is turn a crisis into a virtue. on delay and they're saying the european response to this needs to be more european to behave like good europeans and find ways of working together to get through the crisis and in turn that's obviously what they're going to try to do in but in the film but it'll take obviously months and months to see if it will best firms. that are in flavor for ethanol and in fact france aren't. well now a month long stage of imagine c. has come into effect in thailand the country has reported $100.00 in the 11 new coronavirus cases that brings the total number to
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a $1045.00 on that day people over the age of 70 are being urged to stay at home and public gatherings are banned but our correspondent scott hylas in bangkok scott how a people there are reacting to this state of emergency is it being welcomed. well the state of emergency is a very interesting thing now because when you look at the streets here in bangkok right across thailand as well this nation of 69000000 people right now there is not a great deal of difference than what it was like just yesterday or what it was like even $34.00 days ago that's because a lot of the restrictions the shops being closed retail outlets are closed unless they're selling food restaurants can only sell takeaway and pharmacies anything that's in the sesame for people's daily lives can remain open everything else has really kind of been a suggestion from the government we suggest if you have a private enterprise if your employees can work from home do so social distancing those kinds of things those have been suggestions that have been going on for the last 4 or 5 days but right now with the state of emergency in place what has
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happened is the government has more power to move forward if they think they need to impose a curfew if they think they need to impose internal thailand restrictions of travel both for thais and foreigners so that's what might come next so when you look at the state of emergency it is more the government preparing if possible if anything gets worse the way these numbers have been coming through over the last 4 or 5 days they're just kind of preparing for themselves but when you look at the day to day life on the streets here there isn't a great deal of change but that could really move quickly scott well thailand's always been a country where the minute change is essentially in charge so how is this all now playing out politically that. yeah well we know now too this came out in the details over the last day or so before the state of emergency came into play and that is the there is one the group of people in the nation they do have a curfew and that is the military obviously is very big concern we talk about the living conditions for soldiers very tight quarters they're worried about any
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possible expansion of the cases they do have some not a great number so they are really trying to keep a tight lid on the soldiers there is concerned also moving forward when you have a state of emergency some of the provisions that are afforded the government which is a government born out of a coup they can move forward with detaining people without charging them they can set up roadblocks they can take media off the air if they think that particular media outlet is stoking panic so there are some provisions within this state of emergency that are concerning when you have a military government in place so that's a big conservative right now just that in their back pocket that they can use that if they want to they haven't said if they're going to yet know curfew we do know that foreigners coming into the country now is only limited greatly limited just to those who have residency visas or pilots or any anyone involved with shipping so it's a very very small amount all of the foreigners are barred from coming to thailand.
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there for us in bangkok across all those developments thank you scott well russia is now grounding all international flights from friday night except for russian airlines flying citizens home from other countries borders because to foreigners already since last week in moscow people over 65 of being told to stay at home 3 russians have now died with 840 reported cases so far. well a 2 trillion dollar coronavirus rescue package has now passed its 1st hurdle to getting the approval of u.s. fences the money is for helping frontline medical wakas and keeping the wilds biggest economy afloat mike hanna reports. after days of wrangling the senate votes of the bill the political divide for once bridged as democrats and republicans support the package the senate is going to stand together after gather and pass the start relief package. like all compromises this bill is far
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from perfect but we believe the legislation has improved sufficiently to warrant its quick consideration and passage as the treasury secretary was at the center of negotiations that led to the bills posturing just how do we make sure that american workers who needed to keep getting paid this is no fault of their own that businesses have been shut down the president and vice president want to make sure those hardworking americans got money and this was the most efficient way of doing it president trump says he'll sign the bill as soon as possible expressing the hope that it will speed up the return to normality and an easing of the shutdown and really claiming that some of his opponents are using the crisis to hama selection chances later this year i think there are certain people that would like it not to open so quickly i think there are certain people who would like it to do financially poorly because they think that would be very good as far as defeating
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me at the polls the democratic mail if the city at the epicenter of the pandemic says new york needs a thaw greatest slice of funds from the stimulus package blaming the republican senate leader for the shortfall so it should have been one of the easiest no brainers in the world for the u.s. senate to include real money for new york city and new york state in this stimulus bill and yet it didn't happen new york city only gets $1300000000.00 from this package. that is a drop in the bucket and both mayor and governor are seeking the support of fellow democrats in congress greater funds for new york state and city is likely to be just one of the amendments that will be demanded when the bill goes to the house of representatives revote and while the senate's job is now done another standoff is looming that could further delay the stimulus bill going to the white house for signature mike hanna al-jazeera washington well midnight on thursday marks the
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start of a 3 week lockdown in south africa where there's already been a dramatic increase in infections the country recorded a 6 fold rise in 8 days taking the confirmed number of cases to more than $700.00 that's the highest rate on the african continent police and the military have been deployed to enforce the lock down which includes bans on dog walking and alcohol sales. well latin america 1st coronavirus case was diagnosed exactly one month ago in brazil since then as we've been reporting governments around the region of shut down borders and are taking extreme measures against the outbreak but in brazil president also naro insists this is a media hoax over 2400 people have been infected there and 57 have now died to reassemble reports. cemetery agents began disinfecting against coronavirus in need they don't just outside religion nato.
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says she welcomes the municipality said for it's to protect the population. that. everyone's inside their homes when anyone leaves the house they do so out of necessity got it and the street is empty before this i'd wake up and there'd be a lot of people. actions here have the support of rio's governor like many others in this south american country are calling for people to remain in their homes. on tuesday the governor of so paolo brazil largest city ordered all non-essential services and businesses to close for 2 weeks. most of brazil's governors are openly challenging president. hu minimises the risk of covert 19 calling it a little flaw don't believe. mr president as i told you in a respectful manner this is not just a little cold or
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a little flu we already have 46 victims up till now and this coronavirus crisis hasn't even peaked yet. also not assess sustaining economic growth is a priority in spite of the enormous risks of infection millions of brazilians face today was a 3rd of the livelihoods of families must be safeguarded we must return to normality there are a few stated to be disciplined thorens that must abandon policies like a battle transportation closing businesses and mass confinement. to opinion polls earlier this week suggested widespread discontent with also natus approach. and that's why pots and pans against his administration have become a daily occurrence in brazil as many are disappointed with a leader they believed would keep them safe. moving on to other news and the a strain man accused of murdering 51 people and attacks on 2 new zealand mosques
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a year ago has admitted his guilt brenton tyrant changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and a hearing at the high court in christchurch on thursday he also pleaded guilty to 40 counts of attempted murder and one of terrorism the 29 year old will be sentenced at a later date as well new zealand's prime minister says his guilty pleas are a small reprieve for victim's families i know that we will still be i'm sure a certain sense of relief that the whole nation but particularly our muslim community are being speared. from a trial that could have otherwise acted as a platform. nothing will bring their loved ones back but this is a small reprieve. correspondent charlotte dallas has more from planned. britain's parents lawyer apparently signal to the court earlier this week that his client was interested in changing the plays on 92 counts they filed the paperwork used today
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and then the hearing was how this morning just enjoyed doing and that press conference at a personally she felt a huge sigh of relief hearing that race and parent would be changing his place on all those counts $51.00 charges of murder charges of attempted murder and one charge of terrorism now not many people got to hear this raid about because new zealand is on a lockdown due to coronavirus so brenton's harris has a name to read out to him he said emotionless wire video link and yes guilty to all of the night and very few people got the chance to hear it the 10 there are any 17 people allowed in the christchurch high court were this morning jews are these coronavirus lockdowns of the muslim community in christchurch the moms of both mosque who are the as representative to hear for instance are guilty and acknowledge the crimes and the attacks in christchurch mafia. so now that he is
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that message all of the charges we move straight we do not have a trial and during as was expected we move straight through to the same thing and people will have the opportunity to cite their pace unlike today where very few people were allowed in the courtroom the judges say that was a great symbol when the people will be allowed to give statements to people who have been affected by this this is movie allowed to give statements. with scenes in saying but seem to think that. the issues and to the lock down is right. now yemen's warring parties have welcomed u.n. calls for an immediate truce as the conflict today and to its 6th year the u.n. secretary general has edged an end to hostilities to focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic there's been a recent escalation in violence in yemen which is already facing the wilds west humanitarian crisis how some obama reports. 2015 and to her thirty's push into central aden. and begin expanding their influence
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not only in southern yemen but over most of the country president month so had he fled to saudi arabia where he called for a military intervention by arab nations on march 25th a sandy led coalition launched their military campaign to oust the her thiis. operation the size of storm further expanded targeting military installations airports missile defense systems and. across the country. but it was yemeni civilians who bore the brunt of war the u.n. and international aid agencies accuse the saudi led coalition of indiscriminately bombing populated areas in the last 5 years thousands of people have been killed and yemenis don't have enough to eat with warnings of famine in yemen is described
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as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world saudi arabia and the u.a.e. said their goal was to defeat the healthy rebels and restore how these government of the scope of their involvement raised many concerns among yemenis the u.a.e. supports militias in the south that operate secret prisons where detainees are tortured. the kingdom's hugely expensive military campaign has failed to ask the who are these saudi officials accuse iran of supporting the who are these the shia rebel group that rose to prominence in 2014 when it took over the capital sanaa with the help of former president ali abdullah. also known as unsubtle or the partisans of gant have repeatedly launched attacks targeting. all risking them. they have expanded their territory by taking control of well giove province near the saudi
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border and fight scenes intensifying in the oil rich province of mary forces supporting it side president had with creating after suffering a series of setbacks. the un still hopes to convince the warring factions to implement the terms of the agreement signed in still call 2 years ago. as the feuding signs failed to reconcile their differences the stalemate is likely to play more innocent lives. now yemen was already one of the poorest countries in the middle east before the war broke out and now it has one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time more than 1001000 yemenis have been killed since the fighting started and more than 3000000 have been forcibly displaced since 2015 last year the united nations said that 10000000 yemenis are just one step away from famine more than 24000000 people are in need of
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international aid that's 80 percent of the population there and yemen's also experienced the largest cholera epidemic in the wilds there been more than a 1000000 cases since 2018 a quarter of them children assault on a bag and is the yemen advocacy manager for the norwegian refugee council and she says a ceasefire is needed in yemen so that more aid can get in. 5 years of war have damaged in desborough destroyed thousands of hospitals war terror and sanitation systems and yemen is already before the threat of this virus was reeling from the impact of other diseases such as cholera dengue fever and what you now have is millions of displaced people who are living in these overcrowded conditions even washing your hands is a luxury in this conditions never mind self isolating so these are the populations that are most risk in yemen it's been 5 years since the war in yemen escalated the
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yemeni civilian population have run out of brazil says they're brown have to money they're starting to run out of hope so what we really need to see in this in this era where we're fighting this global pandemic we need to see an immediate cease fire in the in yemen and the warring parties coming together to end this conflict once and for all what we've seen since the beginning of the year is a very dangerous escalation of violence in yemen and so we've seen 40000 people just in the 3 months of this year who have been displaced now they're being forced into the desert like conditions in overcrowded camps without access to water without access to sanitation and this is really putting people's lives at threat i've met people who've been displaced up to 5 times and what they're telling me is that the war is following them closing in on them and that they have nowhere else
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to go so it's a very worrying situation. well yemen remains divided mainly between 2 sides competing for control and influence let's take a look forces loyal to president robbie months who control those areas more often. they're backed by a saudi led coalition and it began launching airstrikes against the rebels 5 years ago to support the internationally recognized government now the who sees backed by iran and control the land here in red sorry i meant to say brown earlier rather than blue and it does include the capital sana which they seized in september 24th teen now last year a separatist group backed by the u.a.e. turned on how to use government and seized its interim capital aden then after a deal was signed in riyadh saudi forces took back control and the u.a.e. withdrew its forces finally in this area that smocked here is dominated by the group al qaeda in the arabian peninsula well let's speak to rami khouri who is
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a professor of journalism at the american university of beirut and also a senior fellow at the harvard kennedy school he joins us now on skype from beirut rami always good to have you on al-jazeera let's start with where the war is right now they do appear to have strengthened their position in recent weeks are we any closer to any kind of a resolution. i think we're probably getting close to the point where the saudis are that i recognize that they're just losing more and more and creating more animosity towards them all around the world and certainly in yemen. will probably figure out how to ratchet up the behind the scenes talks that have been going on for some months and to get into a serious discussion of how to handle war and the so disk and withdrawal of grace from there as gracefully as possible after the catastrophe that they and their minorities are created so i would guess that the continued fighting is and doesn't have much more to go because nothing more can be achieved. rami obviously the only
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way that a conflict continues if there are the weapons to fight and i think that various western nations have been strengthening their arms embargoes on yemen has that made a difference. not very much know there's the world is so open to black markets and. informal markets you can get anything you want anywhere in the world even if there's a boycott or sanctions on your or whatever it's not just the availability of weapons it's the willpower to keep fighting which many in yemen keep showing and there's also the widespread international lack of concern we've seen this in syria now for almost 9 years going to see it in libya and i was well that these wars can go on and on and hundreds of thousands of people can be killed millions can be displaced and the world doesn't particularly care these are disposable nations in the eyes of the world unfortunately so there needs to be some measure of movement
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towards governance in yemen that is acceptable to the majority of yemenis which the yemenis had worked towards and achieved in the 1990 s. and early 2000 but this is really the ultimate solution better governance. addressing people's needs for external actors particularly people like the saudis and the image of these and others the iranians to an extent to stay out of this situation as much as possible rami you talk about this well power to keep fighting and i do want to ask you about saudi arabia given the scale of the coronavirus crisis that they're grappling with at home could we say potentially less involvement in yemen going forward from them. i wouldn't to support the saudis some time in the coming 6 months or so are going to realize that to continue what they're doing can only be bad news for them in terms of the costs the animosity
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the international political pressure on them there's countries around the world germany just announce are going to continue their arms sales and margo and others in europe have done that the american senate wants to do something as well to push the saudis out of yemen to stop the war so i think yes the saudis are going to realize that this is a losing they've lost they've done very badly they're incompetent the incompetent of warfare and they're not very competent at the plume is he from what we've seen there needs to be more able leadership running the saudi foreign policy show and they have able people in saudi arabia they're just not running the show right now so i wouldn't dissipate a change in saudi policy like the authorities have already done the iraqis realize that they had made a mess of it and they got out and they turned it over to the local people and they got some mercenaries and they provided some money but they're not fighting directly anymore and ronnie i mean given the humanitarian situation i suppose everyone is
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just hoping that the coronavirus pandemic doesn't make it across the yemeni border at the start as well. well that's a pretty foolhardy hope if it is the the virus is going to keep traveling around the world the poor conditions health conditions the destruction of the health system the infrastructure the water infrastructure all those things and them and as this happened and then syria and other places around the middle east make it certain that these polarized countries are going to suffer much more severely from the virus because there is not a functioning strong government that covers the whole territory that can take the necessary measures and even if you tell people to stay at home they can't these people have to go out more the fields and farm and sold stuff in the market there isn't a capacity to do the kind of responses that you're seeing in other arab countries middle eastern countries around the world so this this is bad news in the short run
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until there is a real concerted effort to stop the war reestablish a credible digital media government system and then provide the necessary support that can help the country get out of its catastrophic condition and that's something we'll continue to watch closely ronnie corey there from the american university of paris always good to have you on out of there ron thank you. well still ahead in sports we'll tell you why i have been matter of by gone though is pointing to a champions league football match as a possible place the current coronavirus spread rapidly through its commitments.
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the seychelles is leading the way in marine conservation 10 years ahead of un deadlines on climate change targets the government setting up protections are in this for 30 percent of marine life and water as surrounding the 150 islands in the indian ocean almost no human activity will be allowed in one of 2 protection zones home to read to kong well we're joined now by alan to come on long he's the principal secretary at the ministry of environment to for the republic of the seychelles and he joins us now from victoria in the seychelles island that me begin by congratulating you on this move today but i'd also like to ask if 30 percent of your water is will be a protected rain reserve what's happening to the other 70 percent so the 70 percent. will comprise of the other committee got to bts. so
1:47 pm
within a 30 percent you have a hostile thought 15 percent which is there is you need to do is very strictly. reserved the protected area of this and then you have the other 50 percent out smallest result for sustainable use or so similar practices. that there would be some aspects of. the nation the opportunities the economy got to do such a series of them and fisheries can still happen but we treat guidelines and management guidelines so the other 70 percent remaining although all of the 1300000 square kilometers will continue business as usual of course we will decide from the rest of the relevant authorities that's existing island tourism is a hugely important industry for the seychelles was not a consideration when making the decision. tourism is is the number one piece of the
1:48 pm
economy and definitely from day one in the discussions and in negotiations over the difference zones and priorities. need to resign ministry department he said was when i was stick order is working injuries i'm directly in directly has been involved in the discussions and it was. basically them putting forward their views in terms of which areas or zones are most important to them but most interesting lee also they also pointed actively in discussing about potential of future measures in terms of how to go on such practices we didn't is protected areas so it was a very interesting process whereby we have very good and positive feedback from all relevant sectors including to reason fisheries i know this. seychelles is also involved in oil exploration and sand mining how does all of that fits and go
1:49 pm
conservation. optional mining and would then showing each other exploration i mean or exploration saw a spot of the biggest but on the 20 percent designation is one component of the inspection plan that we have been walking on for the not 6 years so we did in this . modern station to meet south mining offshore mining when i was with tension future oil exploration all petroleum surveys joe 7 has been in the lime as any other activity and where they were also part of the dialogue and interestingly enough there was a lot of these questions and compromises made. in terms of area where my future areas where by for example in reference to potentially an exploration whereby
1:50 pm
a service can continue and there were even some areas which. by no go take showed up company considering that some of these areas are high by out of the city so it was a very very interesting. interaction. and. the land to come along to that he's speaking to us from victoria in the seychelles from the ministry of environment thanks so much for joining us on out of there thank you very much. well now it's time for sports history thank you very much the mayor of one of the hardest hit cities and it's only says a champions league match could have contributed to the spread of krona virus in the north of the country but almost top official says they're looking into a theory that atlanta's game with flint here could have caused many of the city's residents to become infected it was excellent as biggest game in history with the team having reached the last 16 of the competition for the 1st time
1:51 pm
a 3rd of burgos residents made the trip to watch the game at milan's san siro stadium because atlanta's home ground was deemed too small and only speak of its uniqueness and among the explanations that have been put forward concerning our sad record of coronavirus cases in bergen mo is the football match played at the sense here a stadium between atalanta and valencia during that evening there were 40000 bergamot and habitants who went to milan to watch the game they gathered in the stadium and many others watched from their homes and families in groups at the bar and it is clear that that evening there was an opportunity for a strong spread of the virus but i don't think that was really the starting point of everything ok i'm sure that 40000 people hugging and kissing each other at a distance of one centimeter 4 times as a to score 4 times well those were an incredible accelerator for the infection now was it something predictable no i don't think it was predictable i don't remember the date of the atalanta versus valencia match and i don't remember if this
1:52 pm
epidemic had already outburst but the people who went had no clue of what was going on when the weddings joins us now on skype and italian media calling it game 0 really there was some concern where you are in the u.k. and of course across the rest of europe but this one is really the one that's under the microscope. well yes you can see what is going under the microscope or what's important at the moment is treated the citizen brains in the people often look at how things initially spread and it's horribly plausible they said were there in the champions league match between us and answered the n.c.r. caused a great deal of talk not only from what you've just told us but if you look at what was said by heavy armor to marco's the chicken was just a hospital. he said there's a lot of theories i'll tell you mine 40000 from trying to land in buses in
1:53 pm
cars in trying this was a dharma logical bomb unfortunately he said the course is one of the trouble that is the stadium full of goals was going. out there radically. higher closer each other way when goals go really people mixed in bars afterwards and of course if you look at the incidents in a 3rd of the players own stock. have tested positive for corners of our wrists which ones are not fit together i'm to also be agile and think of marco so he has tested positive too so we do need to treat them things consciously similar. it's a very the head of it is a superior institutes of health has said it's just one of the hypotheses be evaluated rightly and i guess they're going to continue to look at that that certainly will play into how we watch sports in the future i guess thanks very much
1:54 pm
. now the international committee is being criticized after 2 turkish boxes and a trainer caught coronavirus take his federation claims they caught it during the european qualifiers in london the federation's president is baffled that the i.o.c. and the british government allowed the event take place when almost every other sport had shut down boxes from 40 countries took part of the copper box arena but it was eventually called off early after just 3 days the tokyo games themselves have now been perspire owned by a year and i receive president thomas bach described the reorganization process as a beautiful chicks or puzzle but as sports business professor simon chadrick explains there are huge amounts of things to sort out and not just the parts sporting calendar in 2021. certainly the olympics. motor races cycling events football leagues there are incredibly complicated
1:55 pm
activities to put together when they are put in a state of shock when they. are impacted by in this particular case the virus by turbulence it is amazing how quickly the domino effect kicks in and so it will require the the leadership and the good management told people at the i.o.c. at fee for you with for and many other organizations to put this rights and there are very simple things like the relationship with t.v. companies because there will have been delegation broadcasters around the world who have put jewels together for the summer believing that the olympic games would take place and now what they are very very quickly going to have to do is to think about how do they fill us base what do they fill it with what kind of messages do they send so in in terms of day to day operations and kind of strategy for the year
1:56 pm
it's not just a case of the olympic games having to adjust it's a case of pretty much anyone who is a stakeholder in the event having to a job just and of course there are consequences financially of doing that so. we think about broadcasters around the world having to acquire new content possibly to to replace the content that the olympics will have provided this will have a financial impact upon them they will then have to consider what the relationship is with the i.o.c. and whether or not they choose to to take some kind of action against the i.o.c. in turn the i.o.c. itself is going to have to contemplate its to what extent they they can provide some kind of recompense or remedy to the situation that they now face with broadcasters but this is only broadcast as you know we've got to factor in sponsors and commercial partners and athletes. and so it is just a huge huge not so much jigsaw puzzle it's more like
1:57 pm
a huge saddam who is going to require an awful lot of calculation or awful lot of numbers and making sure that in the end the sums come out right for everyone and just like many other sports ice hockey is on hold but now an equipment make a sting what they can to help those fighting the coronavirus pandemic canadian company bauer have switched from making choices that protects players eyes from the park to making these full face shields for medical staff on the front line now the juices start production on monday and hope to make around 2000 of the masks a day. it's good to see them doing something good for the rest the world that is all the sport for now inspecting the stars it was like a really good idea thank you well remember you can find much more on our website including all the latest updates on the corona virus pandemic the address for that is al jazeera dot com well that's it for meanest for this news hour but do stay with us there's been yet another jump in corona virus infections and deaths in
1:58 pm
spain so robin will have those details next. you and me steve clemons on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and i am changing the institutions frequently don't the system itself is set up to benefit those who understand the people actually believe things that are not true that is a crisis for democracy is a crisis of concentration the bottom line. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter where you go we will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you every year 50000000 tons of
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electronic waste is thrown away the majority is illegally dumped in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most traded out of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making big profits and asking why the west is turning a blind eye. on the waste trail on al-jazeera. this is a domicile a man's 4th trip to boozy in 2 days the fisherman is using his boat to risk you as many people as he can was stranded in the flood hit area of the psycho to die struck mozambique i was up when i 1st saw women with babies on their backs crying for help saying they were dying i knew i had to do something hours later and from the dark a faint whistle in the distance alerts us to people calling for help women children and the elderly are brought on board 1st hungry and thirsty it hasn't taken much
2:00 pm
time to pull the boat about 200 people have been rescued and more want to get on but there's simply no space. to. spain a portion of a jump in the number of deaths in infections in the last 24 hours we'll have a live report from madrid. all of the rommany what realtors are alive my headquarters here in doha also coming up fronts begins evacuating coronavirus patients on high speed trains to relieve regions struggling to cope. no member state can handle this crisis on their own the head of the european commission calls the.

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